Theater Tinnenpot (or just Tinnenpot in short) is our main immersive location. This venue is free to visit for everyone. You can have a drink while you explore a while new world.

Discover all these amazing projects at Tinnenpot:

Surround sound installation ‘VACUUM’ (Balkon)

Poltrock and de Roover have developed a sound choreography that allows the spectator to spend an hour in a constantly evolving audiovisual landscape. The sounds move around and grow from the most intimate, almost claustrophobic textures to monumental and crushing walls of noise. 

HacXathon (Biljartzaal)

Consouling teams up with XRT, the Extended Reality Technology specialist platform in our hometown Ghent, Belgium. Together we’re organizing a 24 hour hackathon - pardon, ‘HacXathon’ with the X of XRT :) The challenge is to design an immersive application inspired by music connected to the label. On Saturday, the HacXatheers will present what they’ve been working on for the past 24 hours, in Tinnenpot.


Debates (Bonbonnière)

  • Immersive audio (Friday)
  • Music & Care (Saturday)
  • Music & Community (Saturday)

Continuous exhibitions by 

  • Michelle Geerardyn: photography (Binnenhof)
  • Sander Van Bellegem: VR art (Bouffon)
  • Sarah De Mulder: MODERN MYTHOLOGY by DEIMACHE - An Online Spatial Music Album (inkomhal)

Painting VR (Binnenhof)

We teamed up with Oisoi to present you their newest art painting simulation game with gigantic canvases, satisfying brushes and an unlimited amount of paint! We invite you to dive into a virtual reality, using the Oculus Quest 2, and paint your thoughts during the festival.

Orentroost podcast (Binnenhof)

Orentroost is a podcast series in which we look for stories about art and well-being. These episodes are all about neurodiversity. Tomas Serrien is a musician and music philosopher. At the invitation of Consouling Sounds, he talks about this theme with artists and care providers. The result is a collection of conversations that serve to caress the ears, as comfort to the ears. 

Icarus Night at 24 HDL (Bonbonnière)

A performance by Theodore Wild Ride. On Friday, you will be able to get to know their new album. The album unfolds like a magical film, which can be set in the vast American landscapes of bygone days as well as in a post-apocalyptic future. 

(Note: this is the only event in this venue for which you will need a ticket. You have access to this performance with either a 24 HDL ticket, or a ticket for this performance alone. Buy your tickets here.


Tinnenpot a complex of spaces and theaters in which “almost anything is possible”.

It is a center where almost all forms and genres of theater are discussed, but there is also room for all kinds of other activities. On certain days, the theater resembles a movie set. Audio-visual studios with many actors and directors of all kinds. They color the black and white spaces.

Music has also received increasing interest in recent years. From classical to cabaret, jazz and pop. Now, 24 Hours of Deep Listening wants to add some more layers to this venue. We want to incorporate music with the immersive world. 

Tinnenpot is located in the Tinnenpotstraat, hence the name.


By car: 

To improve air quality, Ghent’s inner city (the area within the ring road) is a low emission zone. Only vehicles that meet entry requirements will be allowed into this zone. Check your vehicle before coming to Ghent:

Park your car in the underground parking garage at Vrijdagmarkt or Ramen. 

By public transport:

You can take the train to Gent Sint-Pieters station and then take Tram 1 (Evergem/Wondelgem) and get off at the “Gravensteen” stop. From there, it’s only a 2 minute walk to Tinnenpot.

You can take the train to Gent Dampoort station and then take bus 3, 18 or 39 and get off at the “Poel” stop. From there, it’s only 5 minute walk to the Lakenmetershuis. Or you can take a 25 minute walk from the Gent Dampoort station to the Lakenmetershuis instead of the bus.

Wheelchair accessibility

Unfortunately, this venue is a very old building and it is not very accessible for people using a wheelchair. There are small parts of this venue that are wheelchair accessible, but unfortunately not every space. We are very sorry for this inconvenience and will do our best to accommodate everyone in future editions of the festival.

Theater Tinnenpot, Tinnenpotstraat 21, Gent

Only 1050 steps from the Consouling Store 

Only 1050 steps from the second location Lakenmetershuis

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Groundplan Tinnenpot