Pothamus band pic

Lakenmetershuis, Saturday Oct. 2, 19u00

Pothamus is a tribalesque sludge and post-rock trio from Mechelen. Their debut album ‘Raya’ shows their enormous potential, and they extend that with enigmatic, ritualistic and mind-blowing live shows. Repetitive riffage, floating drones, trance-inducing percussion and abrasive bass lines perfectly melt together in an odyssey that takes you away from reality and leaves you yearning for more. Fusing the best bits from sludge and post-metal’s heavyweights, they created their own unique sound. 

While writing ‘Raya’, Pothamus commenced on an introspective search to map the external world. Search within so to find outside. This search was heavily influenced by Eastern and Western philosophy. The continuous, never-ending quest is encapsulated in their music. They do not offer closing answers, but inspire to follow them in this journey to explore the meaning of it all. Respectful for all that is intangible, Pothamus molded their own story with existing myths and meanings.

Driven by the big questions, Pothamus returns to the basics of music: coming together and drifting away. Tune low, turn up, drift off.