Mother Band Pic

Lakenmetershuis, Saturday Oct. 2, 16u45

Mother. A counsellor, consoler and companion.  A deceiver, traitor and narcissist. Mother is a collection of tales in which a mother figure leads a protagonist through several junctures. She is the embodiment of help and comfort, likewise of self interest and centrism. These stories are being expressed by three musicians in a genre that reflects the severity of the matter.

Mother is a Belgian post-blackgaze band from Ostend. Founded at the end of 2017, they started writing a first album where songs fade into one continuous story. An intense journey in which fragile melodies are being alternated with heavy guitars and drums smashing back and forth until they intertwine into an enormous soundscape. The journey they create is a complete experience, musically as well as visually. Like their hometown’s North Sea there is a constant ebb and flow of sludge-soaked noise, with terrifying roars tearing through frenzied and impactful guitarwork. Mother is no-nonsense. Hard, intense, emotional yet unforgiving.  

Their first album “I” was released in November 2020 as the first part of a trilogy