New Insect Ark Band pic

Lakenmetershuis, Friday Oct. 1, 23u40

Insect Ark weaves pulsing, seething clouds of terrifying sound, leading audiences through twisted aural visions in total abandon. Founded in 2011 by Dana Schechter (bass, lap steel guitar, synthesizers), she wrote, recorded, and performed alone until 2015 when she added live drums to the lineup. This 24HDL performance is part of a focused revisitation to solo work, with all new material, sure to supply an unsettlingly immersive experience as Insect Ark continually grows and metamorphosises.

Known to many as a member of Swans/Angels of Light, Schechter’s wholly visionary take on horror-avant-noise will challenge your perception of what a “one-woman” live show can be. From the tiniest filament of a whisper, to utter doom-laden chaos, the rawness and beauty that’s brought critical acclaim for Schechter’s music is reborn for solo stage, all manipulated in real-time with her mastery of analog live-looping techniques and effects work.