About 24 Hours of Deep Listening

24 Hours of Deep Listening is the festival of the record label Consouling Sounds.

It is a music festival featuring the sounds the label has become known for: introspective, broody, genre defying. Sometimes hard & heavy and other times soft & eerie, never superficial, always intense.

24HDL is also a festival about immersive technology, community and togetherness.

Each year we present digital solutions and immersive art to answer the question: how can we experience music together in an unforgettable way, in real space and online? How can we bring people in different places, other realities together? With a community spread out over the globe, Consouling wants to find an answer to this challenge.

The festival comes about thanks to the help of numerous partners:  vzw de console, Spookstad, XRT, Veil of Sound, Muzieklab Podcast, Oorworm, an awesome team, an even larger awesome community, with the support of the Flemish government, and many others


Lakenmetershuis is our main concert location. In this venue, you can come and have a comfy seat to watch your favourite bands perform. For the concerts, you enter the doors upstairs, where our volunteers will greet you with a very big smile and in return for your ticket, you will receive a wristband for the whole festival. 

Downstairs, you can have a drink before and after the concerts. While you are drinking a refreshing drink, you can visit the expo by Le 7e Oeil in the basement of the building. During the 24 Hours of Deep Listening, you will be able to watch him screenprint live.

If you’re lucky, your favourite artists will be there after the show to sell their merch ;)

The Lakenmetershuis is a historical building on the Vrijdagmarkt in Ghent. It is built with a typical architectural style from Holland. The classicist raised neck gable was made by the well-known Ghent architect Bernard De Wilde in 1771-1772.

The Willemsfonds, a non-profit cultural organization, has been located in this building since 1868. The Willemsfonds, named after Jan Frans Willems, is founded in the 19th century to promote Flemish culture and language in Belgium. In order to achieve this goal, the organisation encouraged Flemish folk song, organised linguistic games and published inexpensive Flemish books. In addition, the organisation established general libraries.

Nowadays, the Willemsfonds is still a volunteer organisation and a meeting place for cultural activities. It seeks to promote a dialogue between people in order to allow them to form their own opinion.


Theater Tinnenpot (or just Tinnenpot in short) is our main immersive location. This venue is free to visit for everyone. You can have a drink while you explore a while new world.

Tinnenpot a complex of spaces and theaters in which “almost anything is possible”.

It is a center where almost all forms and genres of theater are discussed, but there is also room for all kinds of other activities. On certain days, the theater resembles a movie set. Audio-visual studios with many actors and directors of all kinds. They color the black and white spaces.

Music has also received increasing interest in recent years. From classical to cabaret, jazz and pop. Now, 24 Hours of Listening wants to add some more layers to this venue. We want to incorporate music with the immersive world. 

Tinnenpot is located in the Tinnenpotstraat, hence the name.

Consouling Store

The Consouling Store can be viewed as our third location; it’s the Consouling Headquarters and the epicenter of our lovely festival.

The Store will be open during the whole festival (yes, also at night!). Come by, say hello to Mike, buy some of your favourite records and grab a free coffee/tea (if you show your festival wristband). 

Founded in 2014, the Consouling Store opened its doors in Ghent as the flagship store of the label Consouling Sounds. At the time, it was Mike and Nele’s intention to create an office for the label. As they had been selling the releases only online, this place might as well become a pick up point for local buyers. But as the idea got developed it then turned into a full blown record store.

Over the years, the range of music on offer diversified and specialized. The store is a place where fans meet up and talk to the people of Consouling about their new finds and interests. So in close consultation with store visitors, the store now has a section of hard & heavy music in the back, while in the front you will find indie and experimental. Consouling Store sells both LPs and cds, and has a small section of tapes and books. You will find most Amenra titles here, as well as a wide selection of Amenra merchandise. Last but not least, a small section of second hand LPs and cds can be found in the middle of the Store.

The Store is not only a shop but also a hangout. You can sit down and have a drink there, and talk to like minded music fans. Sometimes even bump into musicians and other artists! It’s a place that’s meant to feel like home. You’re always welcome to give all your suggestions for new titles and if what you’re looking for is not there, you can always ask to order it. But you’re also always welcome to just sit and hang. Don’t forget to try the coffee by De Draak, one of Ghent’s original coffee roasters!

This festival was made possible with the help of our amazing partners:

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